Why Chris Buck tours with a Squier guitar

Chris Buck
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It's possible that Chris Buck could make most electric guitars sound at least good, but when we met him for a pedalboard tour last year we were pleased to see him using a 40th Anniversary Squier Jazzmaster in his guitar arsenal alongside his mainstay Yamaha Revstar and some other choice instruments. And in a new video he's now elaborating on why he's been son impressed with such a relatively affordable guitar. 

"It's clear, it's articulate and it has a tuning stability well beyond what I ever would have expected from a Jazzmaster."

Chris plays his Squier stock with Cardinal Black, though he admits he may well give in to his habit of retrofitting and upgrade some of the electronics and pickups in the future. "Purely for my love of tinkering with thing and not because it needs any improvement," Chris stresses. "It is a fantastic guitar without any of the caveats of 'for the money' that you usually follows whenever you mention a Squier. It's a very, very cool instrument."

Chris plays the 40th Anniversary Jazzmaster in Satin Desert Sand finish and it's currently available from Fender UK with a free Pelt Fuzz pedal in their winter sale, or for $599 from Guitar Center in the US and €511 from Thomann in Europe.

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