Road Worn for less? Squier are now making guitars with aged hardware

(Image credit: Squier)

There's always room for more Squier electric guitars and affordable basses in our lives – especially some subtly aged models to celebrate its big birthday! 

Andertons have their hands on the latest 40th Anniversary Vintage Edition models that feature aged chrome hardware along with satin urethane finishes that will soon start looking like old friends. So for those of you who aren't keen on full artificial relic'ing but are open to more of a played-in vibe, these could be a winner.

Lee Anderton and Danish Pete have got examples of the whole range here; from the Strat, Jazzmaster, Tele, plus Jazz and Precision Bass. And they don't just look good, but sound it too. No Jaguar or Mustang though for us short-scale fans – boo!


(Image credit: Fender)

These limited editions in the higher end of the Squier line at £429 (Jazzmasters are £429 but all still under the £499 RRP Fender stated in January) and offer a subtler alternative to the 40th Anniversary gold models.  We love how the Squier line continues to grow and diversify and we are really liking the look of these – bone nuts, satin finish nets, C-shape necks, tall narrow frets and 9.5 radius maple 'boards tick our boxes for sure.  


(Image credit: Squier)

The Jazzmaster is poplar, but the body woods elsewhere are relatively unusual here for the Teles, Strats and basses; nyatoh. But our model preferences look pretty traditional; the blonde and Mocha Teles but with black anodised scratchplate seem a classic combination! 

All the models are available for preorder now and due to be released this month over at Andertons

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