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Catalinbread promises “rich, harmonically laden overtones” with the Cloak Reverb and Shimmer pedal

Catalinbread Cloak
(Image credit: Catalinbread )

Inspired by a paper from the acoustics department at Stanford University, Catalinbread has unveiled the Cloak, a shimmer reverb pedal that takes a room-style reverb and pairs it with a shimmer effect for haunting and harmonically rich ambience for your electric guitar tone.

The reverb itself is pretty handy. With the turn of the Room Size dial, you can take it from “cramped broom closet” size all the way up to infinity. 

But when you bring the Shimmer control into play, things get really interesting, as three different orders of harmonics are introduced to your reverb tails.

There’s a High Cut dial on hand just in case your ambience gets a little too shimmery, and a mix knob for blending in the right amount of wet and dry in your signal. In this era of multi-functionality, the Cloak offers some truly transcendent tones from what is a straightforward proposition. 

You can switch between true bypass and a buffered bypass that allows your reverb trails to continue on to their conclusion after disengaging the effect, and a 9V or 18V DC power supply will make it work. Furthermore, the enclosure art is pretty cool and spooky, too, which is all besides the point really except that you can get it on a t-shirt. 

The Catalinbread Cloak Reverb and Shimmer pedal is available now, priced £199 / $209, the t-shirt’s 25 bucks. See Catalinbread for more details.

Catalinbread Cloak

(Image credit: Catalinbread )
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