The Casper x Bastl Aikido quad VCA mixer aims to bring harmony to your Eurorack system

Everyone needs a VCA in their Eurorack system but if you find yourself wanting more functionality than just your average voltage-controlled amplifier then the new Aikido quad VCA mixer from Bastl Instruments should pique your interest. And if you need any help in that department, the above promo video certainly will.

Aikido is another collaboration between Bastl Instruments and Peter Edwards, under the Casper x Bastl banner and throws in some performance control with flexible sub-mix routing and two styles of integrated envelope followers.

The 11HP module comes with four level faders and clickless mute switches to entice you to get hands-on with those signals. Plus, the four individual channel inputs and outputs are DC coupled, giving you plenty of options for routing modulation. Each channel features a dedicated attenuverter to mix things up even further. 

Mixes can be routed to a Side Chain envelope follower and a Spectral Follower. The former offers three different response curves, while the latter can be set to deal with treble, mid or bass frequencies.

The Side Chain will automatically listen to channel A but can be overridden by patching any external signal. The Spectral Follower listens to channel D which can double as a mix output and daisy chained with other cascade mixers. And while we're on that subject, you can also chain another Aikido module for eight channels of mixing and the Bastl Instruments Buddy mixer via the backside jumpers.

Aikido is available now from the BShop for €245 and you'll find more info on the Bastl Instruments website.

Aikido specs and features

  • 4 VCA channels
  • Clickless mutes with light indication
  • Level faders with 6dB boost
  • CV inputs with attenuverter
  • DC coupled inputs and output
  • Mix output (AC coupled)
  • Side chain envelope follower
  • Spectral envelope follower
  • Chainable with another Aikido module for 8-channel mixing
  • Chainable with Buddy mixer
  • 11 hp
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 10pin power connector
  • 24 mm deep
  • Current consumption: +12V <120 mA, -12V <120 mA

Casper x Bastl Aikido quad VCA mixer

(Image credit: Bastl Instruments)
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