Caparison has really gone to town with the spec on Mattias Eklundh's new 8-string

(Image credit: Caparison)

Mattias IA Eklundh and Caparison do not believe in half measures when it comes to extended range guitars, and the latest iteration of the Swede virtuoso's Apple Horn 8 proves the point with a very fruity spec. No wonder the Japanese company are calling it “the pinnacle of extreme guitar design”.

The 27" scale Apple has a mahogany body with a walnut top, ebony fingerboard with white binding, 27 True Temperament frets, DiMarzio PAF 8 in the neck position and a DiMarzio D Activator in the bridge, FU-Tone tremolo with a Big Brass Block for better note definition and heavy-duty noiseless springs and titanium string retaining blocks. 

There's no tone control or traditional pickup selector toggle – instead there's a master volume knob with two-way “push-push” selector switch.

(Image credit: Caparison)

“I take a humble, sincere Viking bow to my dear buddies at Caparison for making this happen," says Eklundh, who has played with Freak Kitchen, Jonas Hellborg Trio and Art Metal. "This is not just another guitar. It will take me a few years to fully understand the nature and the astonishing wide spectrum of the Apple Horn 8. I am looking forward to the ride.”

And yes, access to such a wide spectrum will cost you. The Caparison Apple Horn 8 is available for pre-order for $5,599 / £5,169.

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