Can HoRNet’s low-cost MasterTool plugin “make your tracks sound good without effort”?

HoRNet MasterTool
(Image credit: HoRNet)

HoRNet isn’t holding back with its claims for MasterTool, its latest plugin, stating quite simply that it’s a “a tool that makes your tracks sound good without effort”.

While pro audio veterans might scoff at such talk, HoRNet says that what it’s created here is a “mastering robot” that can apply the “final touch” to your music. It’s said to be able to adapt to pretty much any genre, and has some special features for podcasters and those creating voiceovers.

MasterTool is powered by what’s described as a “frequency unmasking algorithm” that promises to fix frequency spectrum issues. It analyses the dynamic content of your mix and, using a “coherence meter algorithm,” sets a clipper and two different limiters.

The first clipper and first limiter cut off the peaks, increasing loudness, while the second limiter helps you to reach your final level.

With just a few controls, MasterTool certainly looks like it delivers on its promise of being a no-effort plugin; whether it really can make your tracks sparkle remains to be seen (and heard, of course).

MasterTool runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. You can download a demo and find out more on the HoRNet website. It costs €22.99.

Ben Rogerson

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