Buzzzy! is an affordable 16-voice polysynth and needs your help on Kickstarter

Frédéric Meslin has announced Buzzzy!, a 16-voice polysynth module, which aims to be both affordable and easy to use, under the brand Fred’s Lab.

The synth is now the subject of a Kickstarter campaign and despite its relatively simplistic interface, looks to be capable of a broad array of sounds. Four oscillator engines are featured, alongside nine effects and an arpeggiator. 

The project is nearing completion with unit itself practically the finished article. However, the design of the faceplate is still yet to be finalised.

You can help Buzzzy! become reality by pledging for as little as €1 for a virtual postcard, €235 for one Buzzzy! unit (€196 non-EU), ll the way up to €1,500 for the full treatment, including your name in the manual.

To pledge and get more information, head on over to the Buzzzy! Kickstarter page.

Buzzzy! Highlights


  • Pulse produces waveforms with very sharp edges. It generates the square waves, thinner pulses and alternative pulses (with richer bass content)
  • FM creates softer waveforms based on traditional linear phase modulation. It generates classic, round or distorted FM tones, using sinus, triangle or saw-tooth waves as both carrier and modulator
  • Wave provides low-resolution waveforms, as played directly from an external ROM chip, like in some early sound generators
  • Noise produces in-harmonic waves using a pseudo-coloured noise source with different filtering options (LP and BP) and at different sampling rates. Pitched noises are also available


  • Space: Offers 3 reverberation-like algorithms. Fort is an adjustable empty room.  Reservoir is an heavily modulated room.  Abyss is huge space with a very long tail
  • Delay: Offers 3 delay-like algorithms. Mono is an adjustable mono delay or comb filter. Ping-pong is an adjustable stereo delay or resonator. Chorus / Flanger is a stereo chorus with adjustable feedback and modulation amount
  • Filter: The filter is a traditional 4 poles (24dB / octave) multi-mode (LP / BP / HP) filter with internal saturation. It has controllable cutoff and resonance parameters
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