BT reveals that he’s been working on “a series of AI music-making tools” that have helped to inspire his new album

(Image credit: Lucy Transeau)

BT has broken cover to reveal that he’s recently been in “stealth mode” while working on “a series of AI music-making tools.” What’s more, he says that these have at least partly inspired his new album, The Secret Language Of Trees.

Each of the album’s 10 tracks appears in both shortened form and as full-length ‘Producer Cut’. We’re told to expect a collision of simple harmonic structures and complex rhythms, with Steve Reich, Alva Noto, Ian Xenakis and John Cage cited as influences.

As BT explains, the process of creating one of these tracks, Deep Fake, involved a lot of vintage gear. “Every sound on this composition was lovingly resampled on a variety of samplers, kind of as a fidelity and ‘vibe’ experiment,” he says. “[I used] the [E-MU] EII, EIII, [Akai] S900, Fairlight and many other of my favourite samplers to give everything down to the micro-rhythmic glitches to the kick drum and bassline a special kind of magic.”

Other songs on the album blend cicada and tree frog field recordings with live granular synthesis and feature the sound of the record heads on an old 4-track being ‘played’ with magnets.

The Secret Language Of Trees is available now on Monstercat Silk

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