Brian Setzer is having a rockabilly riot of a guitar sale with Reverb

It's hard to imagine a living guitarist who has done more to showcase the greatness of Gretsch electric guitars over the years – and Brian Setzer has the collection to prove it. Now he's selling some rare gear from his stellar career.

The Brian Setzer Reverb sale goes live on 26 August but ahead of the launch let's take a look at some of the highlights in what's sure to be a huge draw for collectors and rockabilly guitar fans. 

Gretsch 6120 Smoke Prototype

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

Used on the hit Sleepwalk from The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s breakthrough 1998 album The Dirty Boogie.

"People are very interested in the guitar that's called Smoke, that Gretsch is making," says Setzer. "It's an exact replica of the guitar I've played for 30 years. I've played it on all the albums and tours, on Sleepwalk and all those songs. 

"They've made two prototypes. This is the first prototype of the Smoke guitar. That's a real nice-playing one."

Leopard print Gretsch Hot Rod

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

This was used in the 2002 Disney film, The Country Bears. It's hand-painted by Tom 'TV' Jones too. 

"That one is gonna be… you better buy that quick. I might not sell that," Setzer says.

Rickenbacker 12-string 

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

Used for Mini Bar Blues on Setzer's 13 album and tour. "I achieved the unique sound by tuning the top two strings, the Bs and the Es, in harmony," he reveals.

Gretsch Hot Rod Red Sparkle 

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

"The Red Sparkle one Gretsch made for me, that I used on nearly every Christmas tour, that's a really good one." 

Silver Sparkle upright bass 

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

Gretsch TV Jones 'Grinch' Spectra  baritone

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

Gretsch Black Phoenix 'Triumph'

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

1963 Fender Blonde Bassman with 2x12 cab 

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

Setzer favours this year of Bassman and this is a choice example; "It's just perfect," says Setzer.  

Gretsch Hot Rod Green Sparkle 

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

Another guitar used live with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. 

Jerry Jones Baritone 

(Image credit: Reverb / Brian Setzer)

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