Blues troubadour Eric Bibb returns in sublime form on version of traditional folk song 500 Miles

Eric Bibb
(Image credit: Jan Malmstrom)

Eric Bibb's return is always welcome news, and this time he's looked to the past for inspiration with a contemporary version of a traditional song that his late father, activist and musician Leon Bibb used to perform. 

“My dad recorded a fine version which inspired my rendition,” says Eric. “Every time I sing it, I hear his voice. Story-wise, it felt like a natural fit for the Ridin’ album."

Ridin' producer Glen Scott added: "This version is centered around Eric's six-string banjo and his wonderfully soulful, captivating vocals. Esbjorn Hazeluis deftly lends his spirit and talents to the song by way of his tremendous fiddle contribution. The rest of the instrumentation was executed by myself with a very supportive but cinematic, soundscape approach in mind."

Jan Malmstrom

(Image credit: Jan Malmstrom)

It's very much mission accomplished in that regard. The rest of the follow-up album to 2021's Dead America will also feature a stellar cast of musicians including Steve Jordan, Habib Koite, Taj Mahal, Tommy Sims, Harrison Kennedy, Russell Malone, Jontavious Willis.

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