Billy Joel plays discarded piano on the street, then wonders why it’s being thrown out

Given his rock star status, you might suspect that Billy Joel would have pretty high standards when it comes to the pianos he plays, but it turns out that he’s not all that choosy.

In this slightly bizarre fan-shot video - let’s just say that the subject isn’t framed particularly well - he can be seen stopping off to play a piano that’s been left out on the street, presumably to be thrown out.

After jamming out a bit of ragtime, Joel is heard to comment that the piano is “Not bad. The action’s good. Just needs tuning. And the finish is beat.”

Then, slightly bemused, he says: “It’s a perfectly good piano. Seems a shame to throw it out,” before remarking that the instrument would be better donated than thrown on the scrapheap.

The eventual fate of the jilted joanna is unclear, but having got the Piano Man’s seal of approval, we can only hope that it ended up in a good home rather than a skip.

Ben Rogerson

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