Billy Corgan joins Laney amps and sits down with Perry Farrell for interview

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First up in Billy Corgan news this week, the Smashing Pumpkins chief has followed his guitar hero Tony Iommi and become a Laney amps endorsee. As with everything in Corgan's storied guitar story, it means a lot to him and he's made a 26-minute video with Laney to mark the occasion. 

The video also serves as an excellent background on Corgan's history, all the way from learning House Of The Rising Sun, getting a five minute guitar lesson from his father and practicing for four hours every single day. 

I started very much as a guitar player before I became a singer and a songwriter

"I started very much as a guitar player before I became a singer and a songwriter," explains Corgan. "So everything I do starts with the guitar. Always."

Of course he always goes into the reasoning for choosing Laney and the context of the Pumpkins sound. Corgan is extremely knowledgeable about his tone and the choices he's made too. It's a great watch - bravo to Laney for putting it together. 

The guitarist is choosing the 2018 Limited Edition LA1000SM Supermod head. "It's a more bright, modern version of the Supergroup sound," explains Corgan. The Laney Supergroup of course is Iommi's weapon of choice. It's now part of Corgan's four-amp rig.   

Corgan also sat down for another video with his friend and current tour mate Perry Farrell of Janes' Addiction and Porno For Pyros. The two discuss their long history together and how Farrell championed Smashing Pumpkins early on. 

Again, it's a great watch. Especially for all us '90s kids! 

"You can never go back and make something great again. You can make something great now” – an interview with Perry Farrell

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