Billie Eilish has released a 49-second clip of new song Chihiro via Fortnite Festival and it confirms that it’s a synth-led electronic banger

She might not be releasing any singles from Hit Me Hard and Soft, her forthcoming album, but that doesn’t mean that Billie Eilish isn’t previewing any music from it. Having previously given Apple Music’s Zane Lowe a 14-second blast of Chihiro, track 3 of the record, Eilish has now dropped a longer snippet on the Fortnite Festival YouTube channel. 

This 49-segment segment feels like a build of some kind, and reveals that Chihiro features a nagging arpeggiated synth line. It’s been confirmed that Chihiro will be included as a Jam Track in Fortnite Festival Season 3, the latest edition of the Guitar Hero-esque rhythm game that enables Fortnite players to tap along with music from some of their favourite artists.

If you’re looking for ways to spend your V-Bucks (ask your kids), we can also tell you that a new Billie Eilish outfit is available via the Fortnite Festival shop, giving the star a ‘Red Roots’ look with ‘Good Girl Wings Back Bling’.

Accompanying this are the Flaming Hi-Hats Drums and Red Guitar, while Eilish’s famous pit bull, Shark, is represented by the ‘Shark Back Bling’.

Billie Eilish Fornite Festival

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As for the new music, we’ll be able to hear it all next week when Hit Me Hard and Soft is released on 17 May following two listening parties in New York and Los Angeles.

Eilish previously revealed that she came up with the title in the mistaken belief that it’s the name of a synth in Logic Pro, telling Rolling Stone: “I thought it was such a perfect encapsulation of what this album does,” she says of the title. “It’s an impossible request: You can’t be hit hard and soft. You can’t do anything hard and soft at the same time. I’m a pretty extremist person, and I really like when things are really intense physically, but I also love when things are very tender and sweet. I want two things at once. So I thought that was a really good way to describe me, and I love that it’s not possible.”

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