Best Boss RC-1 deals July 2024: make major savings on an iconic looper pedal

Boss RC-1 looper pedal on a white background
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When looper pedals started really taking off, there was a race between the manufacturers to fit in as many features as they could. Things like effects, MIDI and higher memory buffers were all headline grabbing features, but Boss cannily noticed there was still room for a super simple, easy to use looper. The Boss RC-1 fits that bill perfectly, delivering the basic looping experience to near-perfection. Here we’ve found some of the best Boss RC-1 deals we could find on the web, so you can experience the simplicity and instant gratification these excellent little pedals deliver for less than ever. 

Whether you’re a guitarist looking to add some layering potential to their pedalboard, or a vocalist keen to experiment and make the most of your talent, the Boss RC-1 is perhaps the best simple loop pedal to get you up and running. Let’s take a look at the deals.

Best Boss RC-1 deals

Boss RC-1 Loop Station

Simple, effective loop pedal will have you layering in no time

Launch price: $99/£89/€91 | Inputs: 2 x ¼” jack | Outputs: 2 x ¼” jack | Recording time: 12 minutes | Power: 9V DC (AC or battery)

Simpler than most loopers
Built to last
Handy visual feedback

Introducing a looping pedal into your setup can totally revitalise the way you approach music-making. It’s such a simple concept too; you push the pedal to record something, be that a chord or riff, and then push the pedal again to make it continuously replay what you’ve just recorded. This then allows you to play something new over the top, repeating the process as required, to build up ever more complex and interesting patterns. The Boss RC-1 provides the classic, basic (in a good way) looping process in a format that can be understood by anyone. 

We like the visual feedback provided by the circle of LEDs on the pedal’s top. This allows you to have instant awareness of where in the loop you are, so you can be ready to record your next part, and is ideal for players who have broken away from the standard BPM-based method of writing loops. We’ve also had lots of joy combining the RC-1 with other instruments than guitars too. From microphones to synths, there is huge creative potential on offer.

The RC-1 can store up to 12 minutes of recordings – this might not sound a lot but works perfectly in the context. With pedals like the RC-1, you’re more likely to be recording short snippets of audio, and layering them up, so 12 minutes is a decent amount of time to play with. Being a Boss pedal, you can be sure it has been built to last too. The rugged metal casing and heavy-duty switches give you confidence the RC-1 will last, and the ability to power it via a standard 9V battery gives its performance credentials a boost. For under £/$100, the Boss RC-1 is one of the simplest, most enjoyable loopers on the market and one we have no problem recommending.

Best Boss RC-1 deals: Alternatives

There are a few other options when it comes to basic, easy-to-use loop pedals. The TC Electronic Ditto series is always worth a look, with a few different versions available offering various effects and functionality. We’d also recommend the Electro Harmonix Nano Looper, which allows you to store up to 11 loops but does have a much lower total recording time available. Finally, looking within the Boss range, the new RC-5 adds in a longer memory and the ability to connect via USB for storage of files making it ideal for the more advanced user.

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