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Behringer RD-8 vs Roland TR-8S: blind listening test results revealed

Behringer RD-8 vs Roland TR-8S
(Image credit: Future)

Presumably, you're here because you've taken out blind listening test which pitches two 808 emulations - Behringer's RD-8 and Roland's TR-8S - against each other. So, without further ado, let's tell you which is which.

  • Comparison 1 - First example TR-8S, second example RD-8
  • Comparison 2 - First example RD-8, second example TR-8S
  • Comparison 3 - Kicks and toms all at lowest tuning - TR-8S first, RD-8 second
  • Comparison 4 - Kicks and toms at highest tuning, snares ‘snappiest’ setting – RD-8 first, TR-8S second
  • Sexual Healing - A is TR-8S, B is RD-8
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