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Bastl Instruments and Casper Electronics Dark Matter module is now available

The Casper Electronics and Bastl Instruments collaboration has born new fruit in the form of the Dark Matter feedback observatory Eurorack module, which is now available to buy.

We first saw the Dark Matter prototype demoed at last year’s Superbooth by the very capable hands of Mr Casper Electronics himself, Peter Edwards.

Inspired by Peter’s own work with no-input mixing and feedback, Dark Matter focuses on five main areas to shape and mangle sounds; dynamics, tone, feedback, drive and crossfade. All of which are dripping in CV control.


  • Input VCA with gain and soft clipping
  • Hyper drive switch for extra punch


  • 2-band equaliser
  • Voltage controlled bass and treble boost/overdrive


  • Envelopes generated by INPUT signal
  • Outputs 0-5V. Normalised to FBK CV and X-FADE CV inputs
  • Low and High decay time switch
  • Input pre or post DRIVE switch
  • Envelope monitor LED
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  • Voltage controlled feedback
  • High frequency “warning” LED
  • External feedback loop section
  • FBK OUT and FBK IN jacks
  • Output phase switch
  • FBK VCA in/out switch


  • Voltage controlled crossfade between input and feedback
  • Input pre/post drive crossfade switch
  • Dynamics envelope normalized to mix CV input

Dark Matter is available now for €256 (excl. tax) from the Bastl Instruments web shop, Noise Kitchen.

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