Bare Knuckle Pickups launches signature Peacemaker humbucker set for Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson

Bare Knuckle Pickups Peacemaker
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Bare Knuckle Pickups has hooked up with Black Stone Cherry guitarist Chris Robertson for a signature set of electric guitar pickups

Robertson’s Peacemaker set comprises neck and bridge humbuckers, and are voiced for those who like a vintage accent on their electric guitar tone, but with a little more juice.

Think of these as offer five healthy dashes of Tabasco in the Bloody Mary rather than the timid two you get in some establishments – PAF recreations with added oomph. 

Well, for an idea of what they sound like and the style their best suited to, just think of Robertson’s bread-and-butter – hard rock with plenty of muscle in the rhythm tone, a little fire in the leads. Or better still, check out the demo below.

Peacemakers have isotropic Alnico V magnets, Bare Knuckle’s custom-wound coils, and there’s a peace-mandala etching on their covers available as an option upon checkout.

If DCR readings are your thing, the bridge pickup weighs in at 9.6kohms, the neck at 8kohms. Robertson says the Peacemakers’ clarity seals the deal for him.

“The thing I really love about these pickups, along with the clarity, is how round and full that the upper register notes still stay,” he says. “The higher strings, when you’re taking lead lines or even just chiming through chords, those notes stay right there and poke their chest out just as much as the lower strings. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about Bare Knuckles is the attention to clarity on every note. I’m super excited to get these pickups out there.”

Chris Robertson

(Image credit: Bareknuckle Pickups)

The Peacemakers are available now, priced from £358.80 for open-coil sets, with covered sets priced from £388.80, and individual pickups priced £186. 

There are options aplenty, including Radiator and TV covers, and a variety of cover finishes and bobbin colours. See Bare Knuckle Pickups for more details.

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