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Audio Damage declares war on your audio with Kombinat Tri

Audio Damage’s summer barrage of releases has continued with Kombinat Tri, which is billed as a top-to-bottom rebuild of its Kombinat series.

There are three distortion engines, each of which has 13 different options, giving you plenty of flexibility. There’s a multiband mode for when you want to make subtle tweaks, and a series mode for “complete signal destruction”. After the distortion engines you’ve got a multimode filter and a single-control compressor.

Kombinat Tri costs £49, with owners of Kombinat and Kombinat Dva being offered it for a $10 upgrade. It’s available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. Find out more on the Audio Damage website.

Audio Damage Kombinat Tri

  • Crossover: Kombinat Tri features a DJ-style three-band isolator EQ for band-killing effects and extreme tone-carving on the front end. This leads to the three distortion engines, which can be run in crossover (multi) mode, or in series.
  • Multiple Distortion Types: Kombinat Tri has 13 different distortion and tone-shaping algorithms, and you can mix-and-match, with each of the three bands getting its own selector. From subtle tube-style clipping to the bizarre distorto-delay of the Nerd Rage algorithm, Kombinat Tri can cover all the bases without unnecessary complexity.
  • Feedback: If the algorithms weren't enough, Kombinat Tri has an internal feedback control, tied to an envelope follower. Results may vary, but are always hairy.
  • Filter: Kombinat Tri has 12 different filter topologies, from subtle 2-pole lowpass, through synth-style filters, to surgical notch. Several are self-resonant.
  • One-Kontrol Kompressor: A favourite feature of the original Kombinat and Kombinat Dva, the one-knob compressor, tuned for collapsing distorted signals to roadkill, remains in Kombinat Tri.
  • Mix Control: Kombinat Tri adds an oft-requested feature: a mix knob for better control over the signal path.
  • Presets: Kombinat Tri includes a selection of presets from Kombinat and Kombinat Dva, some all-new presets to take advantage of the new features, and a selection of Designer presets from Ken Flux Pierce and Don Gunn.
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