As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, a jazz pianist has reimagined Radiohead’s entire Kid A album

Rick Simpson Kid A Revisited
(Image credit: Rick Simpson)

For some, Radiohead’s Kid A has always been a jazz record, so it seems fitting that, as it celebrates its 20th anniversary, UK jazz pianist Rick Simpson has reinterpreted the entire album with his five-piece band.

Also featuring Tori Freestone on tenor sax, James Allsopp on baritone sax, Dave Whitford on double bass and Will Glaser on drums, Everything All of the Time: Kid A Revisited will be released on 23 October on Whirlwind Recordings.

Speaking to Jazzwise, Simpson said: "My first love was, weirdly as ten-year-old, techno. Jazz followed and then Radiohead became an obsession when I was in my first year at music college. So it seemed fitting that at some point in my career I would have to honour them in some form."

Simpson also revealed that the arrangements came together pretty quickly based on band improvisation. Radiohead fans who hear the record will discover that some of the tracks don’t bear much resemblance to the originals, but we get the feeling that the Oxfordshire five-piece might approve of that.

Check out Rick Simpson’s reimagining of Everything In Its Right Place below. You can preorder the album on Bandcamp.

Ben Rogerson

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