Find the key of any song with Auto-Key Mobile, a free app from the makers of Auto-Tune

Antares Auto-Key Mobile
(Image credit: Antares)

It might not be quite as revolutionary as Auto-Tune, the software that made it famous, but Antares’ Auto-Key Mobile might still turn out to be a pretty useful tool for performers, songwriters, composers and producers.

This free app is designed to quickly detect the key of any song or other audio source. Just tap a button, hold up your phone and - in theory - both the major key and relative minor will be revealed.

Obviously, this could be useful when you’re trying to learn to play a song by ear, but Auto-Key Mobile also syncs with Antares’ Auto-Tune and Harmony Engine plugins, setting the key for you so you don’t need to work it out.

Antares Auto-Key Mobile

(Image credit: Antares)

“Auto-Key Mobile can quickly identify the key of any song, which is an incredible power to give to anybody who makes music,” said Steve Berkley, CEO, Antares Audio Technologies. 

“From casual musicians to the most highly technical recording engineers and producers, Auto-Key Mobile is an invaluable time-saving tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone. It’s like having perfect pitch in your pocket.”

Auto-Key Mobile runs on compatible iOS and Mac devices now, with Android and Windows versions on the way. Download it for free on the Apple App Store.

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