Allen & Heath launches new Xone:96 flagship mixer


Allen & Heath has announced its newest flagship mixer, the Xone:96, which is setting its sights on “artists who push the frontiers of music production and performance”.

The new model improves on the Xone:92 with enhanced digital connectivity, whilst retaining the analogue soul of its predecessor.

It’s seem nothing has been held back as Senior Product Manager, Allen & Heath’s David Morbey, explains:

“Xone:96 has it all. The huge, detailed, space-shaking Xone analogue sound, a refined, precision 4-band EQ with Xone:VCF filters and Crunch harmonic distortion, plus a dual 32-bit USB soundcard (24 channels @ 96kHz) with Traktor Scratch certification straight out of the box.”

Users of the ‘92 will be at home with a familiar layout and the new model will seamlessly integrate with most live rigs, including the ability to connect laptops, turntables, pedals, synths and drum machines.

Onboard, the Xone:96 features two dedicated FX sends, four stereo input channels with 4-band EQ, two stereo inputs with all-new 3-band parametric EQ, two auxiliary stereo return channels and a separate master insert for outboard FX hardware. 

The unit also benefits from dual soundcards and a new, completely independant, second headphone cueing system, which will allow for smoother set transitions; especially back-to-back performances.

There is currently no word on price and availability, but we hope to have news on that soon. In the meantime, check out the Allen & Heath website

 Xone:96 features: 

  •  Legendary Xone analogue design 
  •  6+2 channel layout 
  •  Dual 24- channel 32Bit/96kHz soundcards 
  •  Traktor Scratch Certified 
  •  Dual Xone VCF filters with Crunch distortion
  •  Xone 4-Band EQ 
  •  Two independent CUE systems 
  •  innoFADER Crossfader 
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