Better than the real thing? Hear the fake 'lost Oasis album' tearing up the internet, complete with AI-generated Liam Gallagher

What would have happened if Oasis's classic line-up had returned to the studio after 1997's Be Here Now? Well, they could have sounded worse than the newly revealed AIsis, a project by little-known British band Breezer which aims to recreate exactly what those "lost" songs would have sounded like, complete with a swaggering performance from an AI-generated Liam-a-like.

“We just got bored waiting for Oasis to re-form,” 32-year-old singer, songwriter and producer Bobby Geraghty told The Guardian

“All we have now is Liam and his brother trying to outdo each other. But that isn’t Oasis. So we got an AI-modelled Liam to step in on some tunes that were originally written for a short-lived but much-loved band called Breezer.”

“We originally had the idea to put it out as a lost Oasis tape,” continued drummer Jon Claire, while guitarist Chris Woodgates explained the genesis of The Lost Tapes Volume One. “We’ve been together for over 10 years, wrote a few tunes back in 2013, but parked them and moved on. 

"Over lockdown, we thought we should try to do something with them, so we released a couple of songs – Alive and Forever – that got a bit of traction, but it soon petered out. 

"Then Bobby had the mad idea to stick in Liam as the singer.”


(Image credit: AIsis)

The Liam-a-like was created using an AI trained on various acapella clips of the previously inimitable Oasis star, and we think you'll agree the results are impressively convincing.

Summing up the internet reaction to the Lost Tapes, which has been almost universally positive, the band's Instagram posted "Mad week", while Oasis have yet to respond, either musically or legally. Watch this space.

Will Groves

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