Aimi+ uses AI to create generative remixes of music from Space Dimension Controller, Roska, Shanti Celeste

(Image credit: Aimi)

AI-powered music platform Aimi uses generative technology to create an endless stream of uninterrupted and unique electronic music.

Aimi have announced the addition of a raft of new artists to their premium service, Aimi+. These artists have provided loops and stems of their own creation, which Aimi's AI software uses to create what they're calling "Experiences" - constantly evolving, generative compositions made up of entirely unheard and unreleased music.

The list of producers contributing Experiences to Aimi+ includes Space Dimension Controller, Tensnake, Roska, Cosmin TRG, Peverelist, Shanti Celeste and Hodge. More artists are set to join in the coming weeks, with the likes of Soul Clap, Scuba, Skream, Shadow Child, dBridge and Âme signed up. 

The Aimi team believe that the technology behind Aimi offers fans a new way to consume electronic music. Producers can move beyond the confines of static albums and singles by transforming the material from deconstructed tracks - raw stems, loops and unfinished songs - into "infinite compositions" that are looped into a continuous and perpetually evolving mix that never repeats itself. Listeners can even influence the music themselves, by providing feedback (via 'Thumbs Up' and 'Thumbs Down' buttons) that trains the AI software to respond to their tastes.

Aimi is available to download now. Access to Aimi+ is currently invite-only, find out more on their website.

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