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A/DA’s stereo guitar cabinet simulator DI delivers “real world” cab tones from your pedalboard

A/DA has expanded its line of analogue cabinet simulators and DI boxes with the announcement of the Stereo GCS-6.

The GCS-6 packs two independent cabinets, stereo headphone outputs and a stereo aux in for silent practice.

Promising “real world” guitar cab simulation in a small pedalboard-friendly enclosure, the GCS-6 features filters and frequency responses designed to replicate mic’d cabs.

Two level controls with LED monitoring metres are onboard, as are two phantom power-compatible XLR outputs, while a pair of 20dB input pads and pass thru jacks offer direct connection to power amp outputs.

Front panel controls include British/American speaker, 10/12-inch speaker, vintage/modern cone and magnet, open/sealed cabinet, mic placement, input select for each cabinet, and full-range DI or cab sim.

The unit can be powered by a 9V pedalboard power supply at 200mA, and is available now for $219.95 - see A/DA for more info.

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