Song Premiere: Turin Brakes – 'Jump Start'

We're delighted to be premiering the new single, Jump Start, from recent Acoustic cover stars and 2016 London Acoustic Show mainstage artists Turin Brakes.

Taken from the critically acclaimed Lost Property, 'Jump Start' is billed as being 'wistfully uplifting', we can't wait to hear Gale Paridjanian, Olly Knights and the boys rock Olympia London with their latest hit.

We asked Paridjanian to fill us in on the guitars that were used in the recording of Lost Property - and those we can expect to see the boys wielding at the London Acoustic Show:

"We like classic sounds, and then we like to change things up and sound a little different. So we always have Gibson J-200s around at home and in the studio because they are dependable, and we like the early Rolling Stones sound we get with them. We have also been using a Guild M20, which we used on the last album as well. It's the same model that Nick Drake is playing on the cover of the Bryter Layter album, Olly and I have got one each.

"It feels really small when you play it, the opposite of the J-200, but you can get a really good big sound out of it. Olly has battled for years on stage playing big-bodied guitars, and now we have one that looks a lot more comfortable, he doesn't look like he is a small boy sitting behind it!

Paridjanian adds: "We also bring something new in to mix it up a little bit. I've got an Atkin with a cedar top that I've had for about 12 years. I changed the strings on it about a year ago, so now it sounds really good. I always think that if you put new strings onto a guitar just to record with it, you can tell from the sound. It makes it sound like a vintage guitar if you play with older strings. Other than that, we like J-45s as well because we like classics."