NAMM 2014: Taylor revamps 800 series

NAMM 2014: Taylor has revamped its flagship 800 series.

In the year of its 40th anniversary, Taylor has essentially redesigned the 800 series from the ground up, with improved bracing, wood thicknesses, finishes, electronics and much more besides. Tortoiseshell pickguards have been replaced with rosewood, and the new models also feature the Expression 2 behind-the-saddle pickup system.

"The intent is to bring the highest quality sound to the forefront, and make everything in the guitar's design work to serve that goal," says Bob Taylor. "We want to employ "form follows function" with this guitar. We want to design it realizing that its primary function is to be a quality musical instrument, which means that its sound is the most important aspect.

"To that end, we are changing its characteristics and form. Some things players will see, and some are invisible, but all are there to enhance, literally supercharge, the function of sounding good. We do not have to undo the great things that I have championed in my career, which if you ask me are two-fold: first, guitars that play well on a continuing basis, and second, a high level of consistency in terms of build quality."

For more information, check out the video above or visit the official Taylor website.