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Acorn Amps releases the Petito

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Atlanta, Georgia’s Acorn Amps has announced the Petito, a seven-watt, all-tube guitar amp inspired by the likes of the Ampeg Jet and Fender Champ, but featuring a unique circuit design.

Tube-wise, the Petito packs one 12AT7, a 6SN7 preamp tube, 6V6 power tube and a GZ34 tube rectifier.

Controls include treble, mid, bass and volume, which increases tube gain as the volume increases.

The hand-wired Petito is available as a head or 1x12 combo, the latter of which features a 12” WGS Reaper speaker, while all formats boast lightweight baltic birch enclosures.

The Petito is available now from $1,275 from Acorn Amps.

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