A-Trak teams up with Rane for the Seventy A-Trak Signature Edition battle mixer

Rane Seventy A-Trak
(Image credit: Rane)

Producer, DJ and turntablist extraordinaire A-Trak has partnered with Rane to release a "meticulously designed remix" of their popular Rane Seventy battle mixer.

Announced today, the mixer has been redesigned to A-Trak's specifications, who reportedly tweaked the curve and frequency response to match his "signature sound", applying some extra oomph to the low-end. 

What's more, the Signature Edition benefits from the addition of a signature feature, not found on the standard Rane Seventy. Fader FX transforms the channel volume faders into controllers for effects such as Filter, Pitch, Roll, Ring-Modulator, and four onboard oscillators, giving DJs an extra tool in their belt for expressive performances.

Rane Seventy A-Trak

(Image credit: Rane)

The Seventy A-Trak Signature Edition puts a new spin on the Rane Seventy. A tough solid-steel chassis, MPC-style performance pads, and advanced Serato integration make the Seventy a "battle-standard" mixer popular among scratch DJs. 

Find out more about the A-Trak Signature Edition on Rane's website.

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