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A Kickstarter for a huge interactive synth museum is happening and it needs your help

There are some Kickstarter campaigns that you know will have no problems with reaching their goal. The Playroom is one such project that we’re sure will surpass its £38,328 goal.

The premise is simple; to create “a place dedicated to learning about, playing with, and sharing the incredible history of electronic music instruments”.

The Playroom will utilise the huge selection of vintage synths and gear from SMEM, the Swiss Museum & Center for Electronic Music Instruments. Located in an old brewery in Fribourg, Switzerland, it is hoped the grand-opening will take place this coming November.

The project has already raised enough money to fill the place with over 5000 synths, organs, drum machines and effects, all of which will be made available to play and record. However, help is needed to overcome the final hurdle of turning the room into a usable space.

Once opened, it is hoped the Playroom will play host to lectures, workshops, classes and much more. It will also be made available to hire out for events, parties and private recording sessions.

If you would like to help make the Playroom happen, then you can donate on the Kickstarter page, with pledges ranging from the world's first waveform font, all the way up to 10 passes for events through to the end of 2019.

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