A free chord lesson from one of the greatest guitarists on the planet

Brett Papa and Tom Bukovac
(Image credit: Brett Papa / YouTube)

Tom Bukovac's YouTube Homeskoolin' series has revealed to a lot of us what Nashville already knew – he is one of the most inspiring guitarists you'll hear. Ideas just pour out of him, accompanied with the insight only a session veteran can hold. So the chance of an extended lesson with him as he shows how to layer chords for rhythm parts is too good to miss.

We have host and tutor Brett Papa to thank for organising this, and when he calls this video one of the best rhythm guitar lessons he's ever seen, we're inclined to agree. There's a lot of information to absorb here but Bukovac's ability to add tension and release to his interesting chord voicings in a creative way on a '58 Les Paul makes this a tuition video you'll want to come back to. And it's a free lesson! YouTube gets a bad rap sometimes but things like this are a gift for musicians.

Even if you learn just one new extended chord voicing, this inspiring video has got to be time well spent. For songwriters, there's inspirational gold to be mined here. We need to grab our guitar and a coffee this evening to dive into this one properly!  

Check out more from both these players at Brett Papa's YouTube Channel and Tom Bukovac's Homeskoolin' 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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