Pigtronix promises “a whole new world of looping” with the MIDI-compatible Infinity 3 Deluxe Stereo Looper

Pigtronix has unveiled the latest in its Infinity series of high-end looper pedals. A deluxe stereo looper with MIDI capability, the Infinity 3 offers a comprehensive set of features for adventurous players and those well-versed in the ways of the loop.

The high-end looper offers hi-fi, latency-free performance and has a number of tools to enhance your performance. Record, playback, dub, undo and redo functions can be performed instantaneously across a pair of stereo loops that can be played in series or in parallel. You can also synchronise your loops, cueing one up to set another off.

All this is quite a leap from the basic looper to get you through a solo set but it shows how the of the looper has evolved in recent years to accommodate a growing demand from players. 

Pioneers of looping

The stylish black enclosure has three footswitches: a Stop switch, for stopping loop playback or erasing your loop, and footswitches for Loop 1 and Loop2. There are dials for Master Volume and selecting Presets, with volume controls for each loop, and an LED to let you know when you have reached the maximum volume for the unit's analogue limiter.

The six buttons arranged across the middle of the unit have dual functions and use a simple colour-coded operation to let you know what's what. When lit up red, the feature displayed above the button is active. When green, the function below the button is active.

You can switch sample rates between 48kHz (the default fidelity) and 24kHz, select fade or cue functions, Arm or All commands, in which Arm sends commands to the armed loop whereas All sends stop/play commands to both loops. 

The Stereo/Split button allows you to select your audio input options or to hold down to access the remote switches pitch interval options. Parallel/Series selects playback options for Loops 1 and 2, and in Sync/Multi things really get interesting.

Here, you can set both loops at the same length or use the Multi feature to set the length of Loop 2 as a multiple of Loop 1. The ratio is displayed on the digital LED screen beside the buttons. All this can be used to put together complex loops for intricate arrangements, making the looper a potent writing and performance tool.

Pigtronix Infinity 3 Looper

(Image credit: Pigtronix)

Under the hood, you've got a transparent analog pass-through and 24 bit HD recording engine with variable sample rate that can be incremented in semitones over two octaves.

The Infinity 3 offers around three hours of recording time on up to 50 loop pairs, and with intelligent MIDI clock jitter correction you can hook it up to other MIDI-enabled pedals, your DAW or drum machine. 

To help you get the most out of the performance features, such as the Varispeed pitch shifting, Pigtronix has also launched the Universal Remote. Fully passive, with no need for batteries, this remote switch has three momentary footswitches and is compatible with Pigtronix's digital effects pedals as well as manufacturers such as Strymon, Digitech, Eventide, DOD, TC Electronic and Electro-Harmonix

Alternatively, hook up your expression pedal to age your loops in real time, adjust their volume or adjust the Varispeed settings.

The Infinity 3 retails for $419, the Universal Remote is $79, and both are available now. See Pigtronix for more details.

Pigtronix Universal Remote

(Image credit: Pigtronix)
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