5 quick lead guitar tricks to learn

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Lead guitar is a learning process. Try out these tab exercises and add some slick soloing tricks into your next jam session.

1. Doublestops

Trick: Play two notes at the same time


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Using two adjacent strings creates a harmonised effect. Mark Knopfler peppers melodic lines with diads and partial chords. Stay in the A major pentatonic scale.

2. Scale sequences 

Trick: Use three-note phrases to descend a scale


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3. Interval skips 

Trick: Use notes that are farther apart in pitch


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This soul-inspired lick is jumping back and forth in 6th intervals (just count up six scale notes). You can also try 3rds and 4ths for some musical-sounding ideas.

4. Octave up-style tapping

Trick: Tap an octave higher for interesting wide pitch jumps


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5. Playing along one string

Trick: Avoid the predictable sounds of scale box shapes

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We usually learn scales in one position at a time, giving easy-to-remember ‘box’ shapes. However, plot the notes along the length of the strings and you’ll have to use different techniques and thus create new sounds. 

Play each group of four notes here starting with your fourth finger; use the same finger to facilitate the position shifts.

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