How to create fills automatically with Vengeance-Sound VPS Glitch Bitch

Part of its Vengeance Producer Suite, Vengeance-Sound’s Glitch Bitch is a powerful self-automating multieffects plugin, the enables you to apply animated filtering, volume control, panning, pitchbending, sample rate reduction and more to your sounds with minimal effort.

In this walkthrough, we'll show you how to make a Glitch Bitch preset that can be dropped into a track whenever you need a quick fill.

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Step 1: Let's make a quick Glitch Bitch patch that’ll enable you to add a fill to your music with ease: load Tech.wav into a 128bpm session and insert an instance of Glitch Bitch on this channel. Click Sync Start to make the glitching happen in time with the track.

Step 2: Click the Sync button in the Buffer window to activate grid sequencing. Set the step size to half-notes by changing Buffersize to 1/2. By dragging the dots, we can adjust the repeat rate. We’ll mix things up by moving the fourth and eighth dots to 1/16 and the seventh to 1/8 (as above), causing the beat to skip halfway through and at the end. 

Step 3: Click the Misc 1 tab to edit a new envelope, and activate Sync. Pull the fourth dot down to 75% and the sixth to 50%, then use this envelope to modulate the Pitch by -100% and the LP (low-pass filter) by -58%. Finally, click the Misc 2 tab. Hit the Flip button to invert the envelope and send it to the high-pass filter by turning the HP dial to 65%.

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