Guitar skills: learn six chords for playing post-rock and jam along with our lesson

Explosions In The Sky
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Guitar skills: Post-rock tends not to rely on basic powerchord riffs for weight and depth, instead opting for layered textures of chords, arpeggios and distorted melodic lines. 

Chord types vary greatly, but err on the side of rich harmonies and experiment with uncomfortable, dissonant sounds too. All of the chords shown below lend themselves well to post-rock; Amadd9 generates a touch of darkness too.


(Image credit: Future)


(Image credit: Future)

Tone tips: For our lesson below we’ve used a neutral sounding clean tone with a tape delay effect adding colour. Set at just over 400ms, the delay is a post-rock trademark dotted eighth note at 110 bpm.


(Image credit: Future)


(Image credit: Future)

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