What strings do you use, Dave Grissom?

We sit down with a famous guitarist to ask those little questions you've always wanted the answer to. Here, it's the turn of the Texan Titan, Dave Grissom...

Do you have a type of pick that you can't live without?

Planet waves 1mm.

If you had to give up all your pedals but three, what would they be?

Xotic effects EP Booster, Boss tuner, El Capistan delay.

Do you play another instrument well enough to be in a band?


If a music chart were put in front of you, could you read it?

As long as it only had chords and numbers on it. I read a little but I'm a terrible sight-reader.

Do guitar cables really make a difference? What make are yours?

Yes! Asterope.

Is there anyone's playing (past or present) that you're more than slightly jealous of?

On the contrary, I'm grateful to hear anyone who inspires me.

Your house/studio is burning down: which guitar do you salvage, and why?

1936 Gibson Trojan. It belonged to my dear friend Stephen Bruton and they only made 100-150 of them.

What's your favourite amp and how do you set it?

Several of the new PRS amps are knocking me out. I set them all loud - master on 10 - and go from there.

What kind of guitar action do you use?

Medium to medium high I would say.

What guitar strings do you use?

D'Addario 11s. They've been reliable for me my whole career. The 11s are the right gauge for me and on my PRS with big frets really feel like 10s but with more thump and fatness.