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Every month in GT's letters page, TalkBack, we feature My Favourite Things; a great little vehicle for telling us your favourite players, solos, tracks, guitars and so on.

But there's always room for more, so if you fancy having your say simply replace the answers below with your own. Please keep them as near this length as possible (any more words and it won't fit)...

Good luck! We can't promise every one will go in, but the better, more surprising or witty they are, the better...

Here are Rhythm mag's art editor Dave Tupper's choices...

Dave Tupper reckons these are the coolest guitar things ever - why not show us yours?

Guitarist: Brian May. Brilliantly musical and fantastic tone
Album: Grace, Jeff Buckley. Another clichéd answer maybe, but a stunning album
Track: Not A Job, Elbow. Thankfully now getting the recognition they deserve
Solo: The Commodores´ Easy. Simple, but utterly cool
Lick: Bring On The Night, The Police. Nuff said1
Guitar: My trusty Fender Highway One Strat. Perfect!
Amp: Vox AC-30 (if it´s good enough for Brian, etc)...
Effect: A nice bit of compression. A staple effect for any guitarist
Gig: TV On the Radio, London 2008
Rock moment: The Day The Beatles met Bob Dylan and he 'changed their world'!

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