micro POG

If you're like us at GT, the world of guitar pedals is both overwhelming and exciting. So it's always good when we come across a pedal that's so unique we just have to let everyone know! This is the case with a new-ish pedal from Electro-Harmonix that has now become a permanent fixture on Jason Sidwell's pedal board!

The mains powered only (200mA draw) Micro POG is a simple three dial stomp box offering a dry dial (how much of the dry signal to include), sub octave volume dial (an octave below what you play) and octave up dial (an octave above what you play). This is all great for single note ideas but being digital it offers something new to the market that makes it stunning. As POG is short for Polyphonic Octave Generator it tracks whatever you play, be it single notes or big six string chords.

Want a funky bass line? Max the sub octave and turn down dry and octave up dials.

Want a unison guitar and bass line? Max both dry and sub octave dials.

What about a chordal 12 string type tone? Max both dry and octave up dials.

A deep Hammond organ-like tone? Turn all dials up to 12 o'clock and play away. Put a volume pedal before it and swell in chords for a huge ethereal sound.

So if you're looking for the next ground breaking pedal the Micro POG (rrp £130) may well be the most exciting effect since the Whammy Pedal back in the early 90s!

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