Latest issue of GT

Fed up with not knowing what to practise? Always play the same old things and never get anywhere?

Well at GT we know exactly how you feel, so head of Guitar-X in London, John Wheatcrofft has prepared a brilliant 8-stage practice plan for you to follow.

John is a fantastic teacher so understands what you need. In his Ultimate Practice Plan he offers tons of helpful hints on how to practise, how not to practise and how to get the best results from the time you spend with youur guitar.

Then his 8-stage plan kicks in. There are exercises to improve your picking; using better notes in your solos by targeting chord tones; using slurs and hammer-ons; great tips on how to improvise; how to get more fluent over the fretboard; a brilliant scale drill that will open your eyes and ears and have your fingers dancing... and loads more fabulous stuff!

Two great blues tracks to learn!
And if John's practice plan's not enough, then how about learning Albert King's amazing Laundromat Blues, and Robben Ford's incredible Cannonball Shuffle?

These fabulous songs will spice up your repertoire and, along with all the other great stuff in this month's GT, make you a better guitarist.

GT152, April issue, is in the shops now...