Latest Guitar Techniques wil give you The Bends!

Yes, check out July's GT and you'll find a brilliant and exhaustive tutorial by Guthrie Govan showing every facet of string bending imaginable. Using examples in the style of the slinkiest players around including David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Jimmy Page, Jerry Donahue, Steve Lukather, Joe walsh and loads of others in all styles, Guthrie shows you just how the greats do it.

So, bend in time, bend in tune, bend fast, bend slow, bend like a steel player, bend behind the nut; in act bend strings in every way and style imaginable.

Guthrie is the master of so many styles, and to get an exclusive lesson from him is worth its weight in gold.

Guitar Techniques July issue, GT167, is out now. Don't miss it. Or check out our great subscription offers where you'll save time and money getting GT delivered right to your door!