Jason Becker's Altitudes transcribed in GT172!

For fans of virtuoso rock guitar playing there are few players revered more highly than Jason Becker. From his early days recording solo albums and with Marty Friedman in Cacophony to working with Dave Lee Roth on A Little Ain't Enough and then beyond, Jason Becker displayed a fretboard mastery that has had rock fans' jaws dropping around the world.

Sweeping, alternate picking, legato, tapping, whammy bar dives - Becker had it all!

So this issue, GT is proud to present Jamie Humphries's transcription of one of Becker's most loved instrumental pieces, Altitudes. Featured over 11 pages, you'll get to learn every string bend, every stunning sweep picked arpeggio and each outrageous scalic run in full detail.

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