Great New GT Blues DVD & Mag Out Now!

Welcome to Bluesland!

Blues is one of the most evocative forms of music there is, and one that's particularly suited to the guitar. In this exclusive DVD and magazine Stuart Ryan, Head of Guitar at BIMM Bristol, has laid down the building blocks to great blues playing in a well-presented, easy-to-understand manner.

There are the common scales you´ll need with all their positions on the fretboard; but Stuart also includes some other, more interesting ones for you to try. He´s come up with lots of great blues-style chords too, both straightforward and some cool jazzy ones to add a little sophistication to your rhythm.

Then there are some sample lick ideas and then four fantastic solos for you to try. Each solo comes with two backing tracks - one over which you can try out your rhythms, and the other your lead ideas.

This is a truly fantastic aid to better blues playing, so get down to your newsagent now or visit and order it online.