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Yamaha MSG Deluxe

The two members of Yamaha's revered MSG range were designed from the ground up by UK luthier Martyn Booth and they remain among the most popular electrics the esteemed Japanese company has ever produced. Here's the conclusion from Neville Marten's review that appeared in the February 1989 issue of Guitarist.

"As with all good tools of the trade the MSG springs no surprises - it's a bit like slipping on a pair of old shoes, really, and that's the way it should be.

"Being honest, of course, the is guitar should really have been made 10 years ago, in Nashville, but fortunately for Yamaha, Gibson had problems back then with some particularly opaque company blinkers, so insisted instead on putting their efforts into the RD series and its contemporaries.

"So Yamaha have done it - and why not? They are to be congratulated - Martyn Booth especially - on coming up with the MSG. It's a stupendous guitar, certainly one of the very best around today, and one which deservers to join Paul Reed Smith's on a small and very select pedestal of modern-day classics. I suppose you guessed it: an unreserved 'thumbs up' from us."

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