Vox: new amPlug and wah announced

Here´s the full details for a Monday morning - can´t wait to try them!

amPlug Acoustic

The Acoustic newcomer has joined the amazing Vox amPlug family of guitar/bass headphone amplifiers. Now you can enjoy sweet acoustic tones from your electric guitar, anytime, anyplace.

Main Features include:
Plugs in to any electric guitar, delivering acoustic guitar tones in the headphones
Fat / Bright switch offers two types of acoustic sounds
Blend control mixes the acoustic tones with your original signal for just the right mix
Go-anywhere portability with an ultra-long battery life - up to 27 hours!
AUX input for jam sessions with your favourite songs on CD, MP3, etc.

The sixth sibling in the Vox amPlug family provides acoustic guitar sounds from an electric guitar!

Introducing the Vox amPlug Acoustic, the palm-sized headphone amplifier with an acoustic simulator built right in! Just plug it in to any electric guitar; the amPlug Acoustic quickly creates shimmering, rich acoustic guitar sounds. Two distinct sounds are available using the Fat/ Bright switch. The Blend combines the acoustic tone with the original signal for just the right mix! In combination with electric guitar´s own tone controls and pickup selection, the sound variation is unlimited. The ultra-long battery life provides up to 27 hours of extended enjoyment! At home, in the studio and on the go, amPlug Acoustic delivers superb acoustic guitar sounds anytime, anyplace.

Price: £49.00

Vox V845 Wah Pedal

The V845 Wah-Wah pedal is a new version of the most famous guitar effects pedal of all time. Based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by VOX in the '60s, the V845 Wah-Wah offers guitarists the same legendary Wah-Wah tone in a new sturdy but very affordable design. An AC power connector is fitted to save on batteries and the outer case is coated with tough all-black finish making it the perfect choice for your pedal board.

Vox developed the world´s first Wah-Wah effect during the '60s in an effort to allow guitarists to emulate the sound of a trumpet being muted — an important musical ingredient of the day. Vox´s original Wah-Wah pedal quickly gained widespread popularity and its unique sonic characteristics have encouraged further experimentation by guitarists ever since. Having made spotlight appearances on some of the most famous recordings of all time, the Wah-Wah is still considered “must-have equipment” for guitar players of all levels and abilities today.

Price: £57.00

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