Stooges rider update!

If you read our earlier blog about crazy band riders, then there's more - as it wasn't even up to date! The Stooges' live Production Manager Jos Grain, author of the band's most excellent and hilarious rider, got in contact with Guitarist yesterday saying:

“Could I just point out, if anyone is interested, that the version which the Smoking Gun have pinched from me is what we doctors call 'very old' and that the newest, sparkliest, 5-alarm chili-est version can be found at"

Hey, of course we're interested! Jos claims he didn't actually pen the rider - "I merely took dictation from a ouija board" - but we're still impressed. That, people, is how to run a show!

Jos is currently working in the US with the Pogues, but back on board with the Stooges in the UK at All Tomorrow's Parties.

So go along, and see for yourself if Jos Grain really does persuade the soundman to repeatedly mouth "I love you" to bassist Mike Watt, just as the rider demands.