New Gretsch Country Club models

Phwoaar! Two new and eye-popping additions to the Gretsch County Club stable.

Here´s the official info.

Sonic Splendour is the only way to describe the newest member of this elite club. With its ultra-rare two-tone Smoke Gray/Metallic Violet finish, the G6196TSP-2G will knock their socks off all the way in the back row! The lavish gold hardware is second only to the resonant voice produced by the shimmering combination of DynaSonic single-coil pickups, Synchro-Sonic bridge, and Bigsby B6G tailpiece.

Now Playing in The Bamboo Lounge. The enigmatic Bamboo Yellow G6196TSP-BY Country Club is the epitome of cool with its always in style two-tone ‘Tiki-Room´ Bamboo Yellow/Copper Mist finish. Add the magic mixture of DynaSonic single-coil pickups, Synchro-Sonic bridge, and Bigsby B6C tailpiece, and before you know it, it´ll be way too late to go home early. Pineapple twist and paper umbrella optional...

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