Music Hall: Finger Eleven to guest on Hall & Oates star's web show

How would you like to be a guest at Daryl Hall's house?

Well, virtually.

The Hall & Oates star is now 10 episodes into his free web show Live From Daryl Hall's House ( ) which has already seen KT Tunstall, Monte Montgomery and Nick Lowe performing and collaborating with the man himself.

Episode 11 launches on 15 September with special guest guitarists James Black and Rick Jackett from Canadian band Finger Eleven.

Their current hit singer Paralyzer has sold nearly 2.5 millon to become the 18th most downloaded song in history.

The duo performed the hit as well as Falling On, Talking to the Walls and I”ll Keep Your Memory Vague with Daryl taking lead vocals.

“Daryl´s house was amazing!,” said Finger Eleven´s James Black about the Daryl's house in upstate New York. “Old Revolutionary war walls and a haunted cat. Then to hear Daryl transpose his classic sound over our songs was an amazing trip. Great music, great people, great time.”

A haunted cat? Okay…