Learn Guitar Now: your ultimate iPad guitar lessons

If you're just starting out on your guitar-playing journey and want to get to grips with the basics of our fine instrument, Learn Guitar Now offers you everything you need to get started - all in one iPad app.

Learn Guitar Now is a new series of apps offering video tutorials to get you mastering new guitar playing skills. With lessons hosted by world class guitarist Stuart Ryan and live animated tab to accompany his exercises, Learn Guitar Now offers a comprehensive guide to different guitar playing styles - from blues in all its guises to acoustic, classic rock and even metal.

The first two editions of Learn Guitar Now, Classic Blues (opens in new tab) and Modern Blues (opens in new tab), are on sale now. Modern Blues (opens in new tab) teaches users how to play in the styles of contemporary giants such as Jeff Beck, John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa and more, while developing their scale and chord vocabulary in a way that will empower their own creativity.

Meanwhile, Classic Blues (opens in new tab) is a comprehensive guide to the scales, licks, solos and chords of one of the most evocative forms of music there is - in terms of getting to grips with the basic concepts of blues, it's an ideal guide.

Learn Guitar Now is the ultimate way to learn blues guitar! Everything's in one place - the tab, the audio and the video - so all you need is to grab your guitar, press play and off you go.

With varying speeds, multiple camera angles and free backing tracks to practise with, it's perfect for beginner and intermediate guitarists to really get on form.

Download Classic Blues (opens in new tab) and Modern Blues (opens in new tab) from the App Store for iPad today!