How soon is now? The Smiths may reform says Johnny Marr

Well, one day.

Although the band (and by that we don't mean Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke but the other two of course) have ruled out offers of reuniting over the years, with the notoriously wacky Morrissey most recently revealing that he turned down a near £40 million offer to tour again.

However, guitar legend Marr has recently told BBC Five Live's Victoria Derbyshire (why is he telling Five Live these things?) that "stranger things have happened so, you know, who knows?"


He added: "It's no biggy. Maybe we will in 10 or 15 years time when we all need to for whatever reasons, but right now Morrissey is doing his thing and I'm doing mine, so that's the answer really."

15 years? 15 years!