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Son Of A Burst

Whitesnake legend Bernie Marsden has one of the most sought-after guitars in the world - an original 1959 Gibson Les Paul that's worth somewhere in the region of £300,000. He also has a new signature Korean-made PRS SE signature model, worth £729. Who'd be brave enough to sit down with the man himself and find out just how these two guitars from the opposite end of the guitar spectrum stack up? Well, we would…

PLUS! We review the PRS SE Bernie Marsden in full, and watch our exclusive comparison video of where we put the '59 Les Paul, PRS SE BM and Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom head to head!

Wilko Johnson

The ex-Dr Feelgood and Blockheads guitarist takes a look back on his entertaining and influential career

Guthrie Govan & Dave Kilminister

The former Guitarist Of The Year winners and general guitar gods sit down and talk about their latest collaborative project.

Simon McBride

The Belfast-born guitarist shares his secrets of tone, technique and attitude

NAMM Show Report

11 pages of the best, most exciting and downright weirdest gear we saw at this year's NAMM show in Anaheim, California.

Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom & Midtown Custom

Two excellent new electrics from the Nashville company that might look classic, but they have some distinctly modern twists and a price tag that could have you reaching for the credit card…

Plus! Full video demos of both guitars on Guitarist Vault.


  • PRS Stripped 58, SE 245 & SE Bernie Marsden
  • Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom & Midtown Custom
  • Caparison Horus-HGS
  • Knaggs Quebec Series Kipawa
  • Faith Eclipse Venus
  • Laney LH50
  • Vox AC15 'Twin'
  • Line 6 POD HD Pro Rack
  • Akai Effects Pedals
  • EBS Reidmar
  • Positive Grid Jam Up
  • Presonus Audioboc 44VSL
  • Planet Waves American Stage cables
  • NI Solid Mix Series
  • Yonac Shredder
  • Sontronics Halo
  • Vox V846 Hand Wired Wah
  • Way Huge Ringworm

Longterm Tests

STRINGS SPECIAL We take a look at how using different gauges and materials can change the way you play - but will any of our testers be pulled out of their comfort zone for long?

On Guitarist Vault

Special Features…

  • Singlecuts from £729-£300,000 - The ultimate tone test as we put the Gibson '59 Les Paul, PRS SE Bernie Marsden and Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom head to head…

Video demos of…

  • PRS SE Bernie Marsden
  • Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom & Midtown Custom
  • Caparison Horus-HGS
  • Knaggs Quebec Series Kipawa
  • Laney LH50
  • Vox AC15 'Twin'
  • Way Huge Ringworm
  • Akai Phase Shifter
  • Vox V846 Hand Wired Wah

Techniques columns…

  • Blues You Can Use - Space not pace
  • Five Steps To Steve Vai
  • Acoustic Workshop - Adding a backbeat
  • Shape Up - Rhythmic displacement
  • Exotic Scales - The Prometheus Scale


Inside the Fender Visitor Center! Join us as we take a tour around Fender's fantastic new Visitor Center in Corona, California and become immersed in the amazing rock 'n' roll history therein…

Hands on - Patrick Eggle Berlin Evo Legend '50 & Fender Telebration Mahogany Telecaster

Round-up - The coolest retro-style gear we've come across recently

Q&A, all the latest gear and artist news, your letters, columns, album reviews, reader ads and much more!

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