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Nuno Bettencourt

We chat with the Extreme guitarist about the future of the band, why shredding became "sickening and uncool" and why he's having the time of his life bringing his incredible guitar talents to Rihanna's live shows.

PLUS! We get up close and personal with Nuno's legendary Washburn N4 - a guitar that has been his axe of choice since the earliest days of extreme AND check out the full tab of Nuno's amazing playing on the Guitarist Deluxe cover video (also available on Guitarist Vault) - learn it if you dare…

Eric Bibb

The US guitarist tells us how unearthing the earliest history of the blues inspired his latest record

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Rodrigo Sanchez tells us why the Mexican acoustic duo are Havana good time with their latest Cuban -flavoured record.

Mark Tremonti

The Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist takes us through the milestones and highlights of his career to date.

Premier Builders Guild

We review three new electrics from the Premier Builders Guild - a collective of boutique guitar makers who have uniquely pooled their resources to enable faster and more affordable production of their ultra-high-end guitars.

EVH 5150-III 50W

Eddie Van Halen's signature amp gets scaled down to an uber-cool and significantly more practical 50-watt Bandmaster-style head and cab format.

PLUS! Check out our review of Van Halen's long-awaited new album A Different Kind Of Truth (sneak peak: we LOVE it!)


  • Premier Builders Guild - b3 Fire, Koll Duo Glide & Johann Gustavsson Bluesmaster Special
  • Rasmus Guthrie Govan
  • Peavey PXD Void II
  • Hofner Contemporary Series Club Solid & Verythin Bass
  • Patrick J Eggle Parlour Cuban
  • Lag Tramontane T200D, T300AE & T400J12CE
  • EVH 5150-III 50W
  • Egnater Tweaker 40 112
  • Avid Pro Tools + Eleven Rack
  • Gretsch Electromatic G2220 Junior Jet Bass II
  • Propellerhead Balance with Reason Essentials
  • Line 6 Mobile In and Mobile POD app
  • Zoom H2N
  • Vox 22 Series
  • Plutonieum PU-236 Chi-Wah-Wah Bass

Longterm Tests

  • Vox HDC-77
  • Washburn J600
  • Line 6 DT-25

On Guitarist Vault

Special Features…

  • Nuno Bettencourt - up close and personal with the man and his N4
  • Alter Bridge - Myles and Mark answer your questions

Video demos of…

  • Premier Builders Guild - b3 Fire, Koll Duo Glide & Johann Gustavsson Bluesmaster Special
  • Chris George Surf Green Custom
  • Peavey PXD Void II
  • Hofner Contemporary Series Club Solid
  • Patrick J Eggle Parlour Cuban
  • Lag Tramontane T300AE
  • EVH 5150-III 50W
  • Egnater Tweaker 40 112
  • Plutonieum PU-236 Chi-Wah-Wah Bass

Techniques columns…

  • Blues You Can Use - Fingers & Capos
  • Five Steps To John Frusciante
  • Acoustic Workshop - Hybrid Picking
  • Shape Up - Learning Basic Chords
  • Exotic Scales - The Okinawan Scale


NAMM 2012 Highlights - a first look at some of the hottest new products we saw at the 2012 NAMM show in Anaheim California

Hands on - Chris George Surf Green Custom & Fender Telebration Lamboo Telecaster

Round-up - The best vibrato-equipped rock electrics

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